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Hi, I’m Herb Bowie, a writer and software developer, and what you’ve stumbled upon is my eponymous website. Here you’ll find stuff I’ve written, as well as links to my other sites showcasing larger projects.

This site’s content falls into a number of different categories. Feel free to drill down into any area that interests you. Stay connected through one or more of several avenues.

The Latest Activity

I post all of my latest activity to the microblog hosted on this site. You can also see a list of my latest original writings, as well as the latest quotes added to my Commonplace book.


Notenik is my note-taking, web-making, content-managing app, written in Swift, using AppKit, exclusively for the Mac. Find out more at

Big Ideas in Software Development is my web book about software development. You can find it at

Songs and Music

I’ve written many pieces discussing songs that I’ve found compelling in one way or another. I talk about their themes and meanings, as well as how they work.

  • Songs Index – A list of content on this site.
  • Lexicon of Song – A separate site offering this content.
  • Reason to Rock – A separate site offering an entire online book discussing the aesthetics of rock music.
General Essays

Here’s an alphabetical list of essays I’ve written on a variety of topics. I’ve culled out any dated, topical pieces, so what’s left should still be useful reading.

Reference Summaries

I’ve written a number of pieces that serve as convenient summaries of ideas and models more extensively described by others. I’ve broken out a convenient list of these.

My Commonplace Book

One of my uses for Notenik is to maintain a digital commonplace book, containing brief quotations from others that I have found meaningful. This content can be accessed in a number of different ways.

Recurring Topics

I use tags to identify various types of content touching on particular topics. You can use the tags cloud to find content on particular topics.

Finding Stuff

See the alphabetical index for an index to significant terms, authors and creators referenced from my original writings hosted on this site. Or just search for something.


See the Credits page for credits and licensing.


I post on, at, and also on Mastodon at