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These are general essays I've written, on a variety of topics, simply listed in alphabetical order by title.

8 Big Lessons We Can Learn from the Pandemic

Apollo 11 – 2019 film

Are Political Parties Doing Us More Harm Than Good?

Art and the Eye of the Beholder

The Big Truth

A Broadcast Consciousness

Building a Case for the Detective Story

Calling for a US Sustainability Initiative

Can the US Become a Truly Egalitarian Society?

The Challenge for Democrats: Playing the Long Game

Christmas Favorites from The Practical Utopian

Christmas Must Be Tonight

Christmas Night in Harlem

The Christmas Song

Christmas Time Back Home – Song by The Country Gentlemen

Christmas Time's A-Coming

Citizen Kane vs. Citizen Bailey

The Clown Coup

Cooperation, Competition and Coercion

Cultural Evolution

The Dangers of Political Nostalgia

The Decline of the Republican Party – First Gradually and then Suddenly


Dethroning the False God of User Experience Design

The Devastating Tragedy of our Vanishing Middle Class

Developmental Levels as Evolving Social Structures

Diving Back Into Our American Muddle

Does the US Need a New, More Centrist, Political Party?

The Era of Environmental Accommodation is Over

Evolution and Its Implications

Father Christmas – Song by The Kinks

The Four Essential Attributes of any Organization

Free Speech at the Crossroads

Getting Back to The Feeling

A Guide To Becoming

Have Our Political Parties Turned Into Cults?

Have We Passed The Point of Maximum Useful Tech?

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Help! Help! The Robots are Coming!

Holiday in Harlem

How to Fix Big Tech

How to Listen to Music

Humanism and the Practical Utopian

Human Nature


The Importance of Mission

The Importance of Progressive Activism

In Defense of Balance

An Integral Approach

The Issues Swirling around Spotify and its Content Providers

Is There Any Middle Left?

Keeping to the Cackle with AI

Kindness by Design

Leadership and Followership: 21 Key Observations

Lessons to be Learned from the Fall of Afghanistan

Life is Complicated

The Little Drummer Boy

The MAGA Bubble Finally Bursts

Managing Our Identity Stacks

Merry Christmas Baby – Song

More Love

My Advice to Young People of All Ages

My Favorite Things

My Prayer for a More Integral New Year

The Nature of God

Of Idiots and Autocrats

Our American Class System

Our Societal Disconnect

Our Three Human Approaches to Dealing with Problems

An Overdue Update from The Practical Utopian

Patterns of Human Cooperation

Paul Thorn and his 800 Pound Jesus

The Personal vs. The Institutional

Playing with Language and “Settin’ the Woods on Fire“

Please Come Home for Christmas

Popping the Hood with the Notenik App

A Practopian Approach to Gun Issues in the US

The Progressive Path Forward – A 12-State Strategy

The Progressive Problem

Reasons for Belief

The Rebel Jesus – Song by Jackson Browne

Rebuilding Trust in Our Large Institutions

Reflections on the Christian Message

Reframing our Debates about Capitalism

Rejiggering Our Religion

Religion, Storytelling and Art

Religious Freedom

A Resumption of our Humanity

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Schembechler, Bacon and Leadership


The Shocking Truth About Us Liberals

Social Distancing and our Essential Nature

Some Hard-Won Wisdom Concerning Cults

Star of Wonder

The Systemic Era

The System is Working Very Well, Thank You

Talking Openly about Hierarchy

Thank God for Elon Musk!

Thinking about Abortion(s)

Thinking Differently About Our Economy

A Traditional Remedy for the Facebook Problem: Competition

The Truth About Capitalism

Ukrainian Lives Matter

Understanding Human History

Undoing Trumpism

The Value of Individuals

Violence at the 94th Academy Awards

We Are Multi-Tribal

Welcome To The Autonomous States of America

What Christmas Means to Me

What To Do About Big Business?

What Trump Gets Right

Where, Exactly, Are the Republicans Headed?

Why Do We Call It Capitalism?

Why I Call Myself a Practopian

Why Inflation Will be Hard to Contain

Why It's a Bad Time to be a Conservative

Why I Use Markdown (And Why You Should Too)

Why Mandating 'X‘ Days a Week in the Office is a Stupid Idea

Why Michigan’s 42–27 Victory over Ohio State Gives Me Hope for Humanity

The Widening Spiral of Modern Society

The Written Word in the 21st Century