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Social Support Survey

This is a simple survey that anyone can use to self-assess the degree of social support they are feeling in their lives. I picked this up from David R. Samson’s book Our Tribal Future, but he says that he adapted it from other sources.

For each statement below, give yourself a score from 1 - 6, where:

  • 1 = Completely unstatisfied / In Disagreement
  • 6 = Completely Satisfied / In Agreement
Social Support Statement Score
1. You have someone to count on to distract you from your worries when you feel under stress.
2. You have someone to really count on to help you feel more relaxed when you are under pressure or tense.
3. You have someone who totally accepts you, including both your worst and your best points.
4. You have someone to really count on to care about you, regardless of what is happening to you.
5. You have someone whom you really count on to help you feel better when you are feeling generally down in the dumps.
6. You have someone to console you when you are very upset.

Add up the scores once you have filled out the survey. The average respondent scores about 30, and most people fall within 5 points of that average.

November 13, 2023