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Notenik Version 13.4.0

Version 13.4.0 of Notenik (free and open source) is now available in the Mac App Store. Added ‘Show in Finder’ for note files; added a script include command; improved the display of link fields.


18 Nov 2023

Notenik Version 13.3.0

Version 13.3.0 of Notenik (free and open source) is now available in the Mac App Store. Improved the vCard import function, added a Person field type, and added an option to sort names last-name-first.


29 Oct 2023

A Reimagined

I’ve done a major redesign of my personal site at This has now become an ongoing central repository for my digital commonplace book and for all of my shorter pieces that I think are still worth reading. Feel free to look around.


24 Aug 2023

Notenik Version 12.7.0 Released

Notenik 12.7.0 is out. The biggest change is the sorting out of various controls for navigating through a Collection. There are three different paths a user can traverse, going both backwards and forwards. The first path just travels sequentially through the list, using the currently selected sort sequence. The second path goes back and forth through navigation history within the app. The third path goes forwards and back through search results. These three are all now enabled in both directions, with separate controls for each, and with sensible keyboard shortcuts for all options. Thanks to valuable user input on the Notenik Discourse forum for these suggestions!


17 Aug 2023

Notenik Updates for March, 2023

Notenik 10 received a nice review in the January issues of both MacLife and MacFormat, and was awared four out of five stars!

Notenik 11.7.0 was released on March 27th.

I keep adding new features to the app, either because I want/need them, or because another current or prospective user has requested them.


28 Mar 2023

Launched the Lexicon of Song Site

This is my newest site, and a spot where I can bring together all of the writings about songs I’ve done over the years. There’s some content from Reason to Rock here, as well as some stuff from The Practical Utopian, plus newer stuff. But since these are the most popular pieces I’ve written over the years (according to Google), I thought it was high time to have a single site dedicated to this material. The title of the site comes from a Bob Dylan quotation (see the “About” page for details).


14 Aug 2022

Notenik 8.5.0 Released

Well, it’s been a while since I posted a Notenik update here, but there’s been a lot going on! We’re now all the way up to 8.5.0, with lots of new stuff being added. Here’s a brief recap:

  • Support for YAML metadata
  • Support for image tags pointing to local files
  • A new Notenik 101 video on YouTube
  • A New Collection of brief Notenik Tips
  • Support for HTML table generation using pipes and dashes within Markdown
  • Added a new Include command to include one Note within another
  • New features to better support a sort of outlining within Notenik
  • Addition of Class templates
  • Streamlined Reading improvements
  • Addition of backlinks
  • AKA (in other words, alias) fields


20 Feb 2022

Catching Up on The Practical Utopian

I’ve had several new writings out over the last few months.


18 Feb 2022

Notenik 7.2.0 Released

Website address updated to point to; wiki links now will try to pluralize a reference, if it is not found in singular form; the Merge template Set command now allows a variable to be used as part or all of a global variable name; Markdown quote sharing corrected to respect lookup links; added a Quick Export and Open command.


20 Sep 2021

Notenik 7.1.0 Released

Added some cosmetic improvements, including dark mode on the Display tab, and highlighting of search results within the Display tab; also added a utility function to convert a Note’s title into a link to Wikipedia.


31 Aug 2021

Notenik 6.9.0 Released

Added several new options to better support outlining: OPML Import and improved OPML Export, ability to add a new Child to an existing Note, plus ability to drag and drop within a sequenced list; fixed list scrolling so that the Note highlighted and visible on the left will generally match the Note currently selected on the right.


12 Aug 2021

Notenik 6.8.0 Released

Added Short ID to the list of available field labels and types, to help with URL shortening; added new option to export an entire Collection into a single HTML or Markdown document; fixed a bug affecting automatic links in footnotes.


02 Aug 2021